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10-21-2013, 01:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Isaak16 View Post
Pretty much every Oiler fan was excited about those offer sheets and had Lowe's back due to him taking us to the finals the year before. If he was a "Tier 1 dbag" for defending his actions (which were within the rules) against the public slandering of his reputation then most of us are dbags. You don't like Lowe or his personality? That's cool, but you picked a poor example.
Hey, I'll admit it, I let myself get carried away with the brilliant Pronger trade and the flukey SCF. I was happier back then and I believed in Lowe mostly because of the flood of the emotions. Looking back and listening to Burke talk ever so rationally and realistically about Lowe and then listening to Lowe's arrogant crybaby retort, I have to say that I was so very wrong about the man and that my filthy homer goggles blinded me from admitting it. Lowe is the same guy, same attitude, same everything. The one that Burke so perfectly and prophetically described.

I wasn't a fan of the offer sheets but whatever, I'm not signing Lowe's paycheques. I thought they were extremely risky but totally within the rules. Lowe was/still is a desperate man and he had to resort to that. When it comes down to doing that to get good players it shows someone is running out of ideas and is desperate.

At this point I don't care any more and I just watch this team in the hopes that one day someone will take the management job more seriously and get rid of the old boys club. I really like the potential of the team in spite of all the self inflicted setbacks but as others have said, it wears on you and you start watching other teams to see real hockey. It's a circus here. It's true, the place has gone nuts.

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