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10-21-2013, 02:07 AM
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Originally Posted by PavelBure9 View Post
Well, we want youth, here it is. Fast, Miller, and Kreider all have that opportunity right now. If they can't take advantage of this, then we really are in deep crap not only in the present but for the foreseeable future.
Too much to say and not enough minutes. One last time:

AV's system, like all systems is flawed but does have a track record. It works. However, it requires SPEED.

Some Rangers have basic speed, rest are too slow.
Guys like Girardi, not a particularly bad fit (though others are a better fit, because his principal job is shot blocking as part of D, and that is not radically changed in any system).

The problem is the talent and skill of our Fs, which is exacerbated w/current injuries.

The two Fs we have w/the best motors (besides injured Hags + Cally) are Miller + Kreider. Thus, it is not open to discussion, the best way to exploit the system we are using AND have a synergistic effect is to pair these 2. Miller has shown he is comfortable enough at either spot, so he is the C. Kreider was an effective C, and once it became clear he also developed a shot, we directed him to W, saying it would less responsibility for him. That may be true, but I have always maintained at C, without a board to use to restrict his skating, Kreider might be even more effective. That supplemental posture, whether or not Kreider can ultimately be another Patrick Sharp, is something that can be considered after he is settled in at W.

But we CANNOT have either of these guys w the likes of Boyle (still useful but prefer he is traded for a 2nd round pick or equiv.) or esp. Pyatt, AND AV, LISTEN UP, DON'T BE AN EXPLETIVE DELETED IDIOT, I DON'T GIVE A RAT'S RUMP IF YOU ARE THE COACH, Pyatt is not the best filler for this club on the lower 6 (Yogan and others are better options), BUT IN NO CASE CAN YOU RUIN TOP TALENT WITH THESE GUYS. LET THAT SINK IN AND GIVE IT UP!!!!

These are the lines that need to be run (if all available, since we are stuck w Richards when we should have bought him out and not incurred the risk he would turn into another Pronger on us):

1st Richards - Brassard - Nash
2nd Kreider - Miller - Callahan
3rd Hagelin - Lindberg - Fast
4th Yogan - Moore - Haley/Asham

Yogan I don't want to lose for nothing. Get value, if you want, trade him AFTER his value is established after he's played. Don't let him walk for nothing.

trade Stepan + MDZ + for Seth Jones +
Boyle get a 2nd
Dorsett looked good last year, this year COMPLETELY out of it. See if he brings a 3rd rounder.
Pouilot needs a wake up call, AHL, or trade.

Give away Pyatt, Powe, Zucarello (not enough speed for offense except as shoot out specialist and not good enough defense vs NHL size opposition), these guys give away (conditional 7th not realized), just for the added cap space.
With Nash, Hags and Cally all injured atm, and Kristo reportedly a year away at earliest, I would consider Hrivik and St. Croix to hold the fort. Might get lucky, catch fire.

Also, while the current state of the Rangers is not the time to do it, before the end of the year, I'd give Bourque his 5-10 games cup of coffee; he may be physically crushed if he lasts that many games, but he will bust his ass and, while a lightweight, will provide speed.

But the single most important thing now about Kreider is to play him w/Miller.


It is an acquired skill. You see a guy and you think, wow this guy could be another Rod Carew. But then you see he can't bunt. And you are adamant that you are going to drop everything and make this guy NOW learn how to bunt. The guy could be friggin Bryce Harper, but you are going to break him.

That kind of crap, my way or the highway, should have left w/Torts.

You want a big body type to work on deflections, fine, but it's something you work on over time as a side thing in practice.

There were 3 things Kreider did during preseason: play w/Miller - looked great; do the deflections thing, not so much; and complement Pyatt and Boyle. Kreider did as he was told and met expectations. He should not brought up here to play on the 4th line, or with 4th liners.

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