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10-21-2013, 02:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Lay Z Boy GM View Post
Except Lowe embarrassed himself in his rebuttal. It sounds like someone was lucky enough to get Lowe on the phone during one of his tantrums. Lowe stupidly and angrily ranted, and his words are even more stupid looking back on it today. Vancouver left in shambles? They almost won a Cup, something that Lowe brags about doing to this day. Burke had JUST won a Cup. Lowe goes on to leave the Oilers in shambles, obliterating several guys reputations in the process (Tambellini, Krueger, etc).

You look at him a few months ago angrily defending his decision to hire MacT as GM and you see he's still the same guy. An absolute idiot who doesn't respect his fans, is still living in the glory days and is sitting pretty while guys like Quinn, Renney, Tambellini, Krueger and now Eakins try to fix this mess of an organization. Yet somehow Lowe gets to stay...

I don't quite understand why you like Lowe's ambition. Lowe's ambition reminds me of a little kid who's just trying to help out, but unwittingly making everything much worse in the process.

I just want some actual professionals who can perform their job well. When will the embarrassment wear off?

Feels good posting this.

I'm not advocating for Kevin Lowe, I just liked having more roster movement as a fan. Also for a while there he obviously nailed a few trades for us. Later on not so much......

Yes he is a hothead who speaks before thinking and the inteview was not well thought out. My point is "dirt with dirt" was warranted there and he waited a long time before responding to Burke's trademark bully behaviour. I have always disliked bullies and have a much shorter response time than Lowe, in that instance, so I think it was admiral that he tried to let time take care of the problem. Problem was Burke wouldn't let up and the rest is history.

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