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10-21-2013, 06:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Isaak16 View Post
Yes he is a hothead who speaks before thinking and the inteview was not well thought out. My point is "dirt with dirt" was warranted there and he waited a long time before responding to Burke's trademark bully behaviour. I have always disliked bullies and have a much shorter response time than Lowe, in that instance, so I think it was admiral that he tried to let time take care of the problem. Problem was Burke wouldn't let up and the rest is history.
This is a breath of fresh air from the revisionist history of the first four pages.

The fact is, Lowe was only really in charge of this team between when Sather left and when Katz bought the team. The results over that time may not have been the prettiest, but as you say, at least he tried to make moves to keep the team competitive. And he did very nearly deliver a SC in 2006 based almost entirely on his shrewd moves (ie. no tanking to win).

His worst moves came post 2006. Overpaying Pisani and Horcoff. Putting too much faith in guys like Moreau. Trading away all the centers.

This thread is ill-conceived because it blames the wrong person. Nothing in Lowe's on or office resume can convince me that it was his idea to tank for picks. That was Katz's baby ... a plan hatched in tandem with his scheme to roll out a new arena just about the time all his draft picks are hitting their stride. I gotta give him credit too ... looks like he's right on schedule.

Tamby is the fall guy and Lowe is the face of history. Katz is/was just using them both to further his end of a bigger bottom line.

People blaming Lowe now ... in 2013 with Tamby fired, MacT at the helm and Katz still calling the shots ... well, that's just sad. And it reeks of a personal agenda against a guy who has done a lot for this city.

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