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10-21-2013, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Idlerlee View Post
Its obvious that the production and effort this year has not been good enough, by at least 3 points.

But I fail to see why he's not supposedly good enough when he was 2nd in production in last year's PO's. As well as maintaining his avg. in the regular season matches. By all standards, that is good enough for the Rangers.

Wouldn't the natural thing be to look at the system to find the underlying fault for everyones shortcomings ? Instead of tooting the 'He has not talent' horn.

This is the same hockeyteam as last year, they didn't just magically get worse over the summer, something is causing it, and its not one short guy.
I think one factor is being overlooked when judging why he looks worse than last year. The lockout. Yes, the lockout.

Last year most players came in to start the season without a training camp. Mats on the other hand not only had a full training camp in Russia before starting the season, he had a couple of weeks of rest and then another training camp just before joining the NHL.

He attended "Camp Roy" a training camp designed by Team Norway head coach Roy Johansen. The camp is designed with just one thing in mind: Rebuild and freshen the legs of players at the end of their season to allow them to get in shape for the WC. It is a hard camp, but with more rest than your regular preseason camp. While other NHL players were playing tough games four nights a week, Mats had just finished resting up after the playoff exit in Russia and could focus on getting back in shape for the final stretch.

I think that gave him a huge advantage and that's why he looked like a better skater. He really wasn't much quicker, the others were just a tad bit slower.

I was hoping he could take the confidence and experience he picked up with him and be able to keep up his performance, but it doesn't seem like he'll be able to. I'm going to give this one to BRB and RB and say there were probably right all along. The guy is not good enough to be a regular NHL'er. Though I still stick to the hope that he'll prove them (and me) wrong.

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