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10-21-2013, 07:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Matt Carle Place View Post
I don't know how anyone could stand the way this team played under Torts.
Winning is NEVER boring. Just ask the Devils.

Was Detroit an exciting team to watch? They played defensive hockey. The left wing lock was a form of the neutral zone trap. Heck, Colarado with Sakic & Forsberg played the trap. Under Torts the team had an identity and was winning. That is all that matters.
Torts' firing may be the best thing to happen to this team IN THE LONG RUN because he was able to concoct a winning team and mask the deficiencies in this organization, albeit using a system that made it an absolute chore to watch this team.
What you are saying is a reason to want him here, not gone. You are condemning him because he came up with a way for the offensively challenged team to win? Any coach who can do that should have his praises sung.

And no ide of what you are talking about as far as "chore" to watch. The team was a pleasure to watch.
With Torts it was like we were stuck in neutral; winning games but not performing well enough to win it all.
A trip to the ECF and multiple times being one of the final 8 teams left standing. Sounds pretty good to me. Point out another Ranger coach with such a record.
Now that he is gone we can truly see the glaring weakness in the organization and HOPEFULLY changes will be made (won't hold my breath).
Wait. Now that he is gone and we can see the issues on the team, that is somehow a good thing?

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