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Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
I don't disagree there, but Victorino ran his course here. He was showing signs of decline and really didn't show he was worthy of a long term deal on an aging team. Ruben got something for him at least. You can say Martin is a number 5, but he's a special arm (arm not pitcher). He may flame out. He may be a great reliever. I don't have a problem taking that kind of chance. The Pence situation was the definition of mismanagement. It turned out to be an expensive rental. One you could argue wasn't even necessary. It set the franchise back a couple of years in my opinion.
You didn't have to give him a long term deal. Rumors were that Victorino wanted to stay and had no interest in going anywhere else, just like Utley. However, the Phillies didn't have interest in trying to work out a deal with Victorino. Just tell the guy to bat right handed and suddenly he's a fine hitter. That's the problem with this organization, they refuse to tell their players to do anything and then they allow them to get away with it.

Halladay pitching when he was obviously injured
Rollins swinging for the fences but still being given the position of leadoff hitter
Howard refusing to hit balls to the left side or figuring out what a slider looks like yet still being allowed to bat cleanup

Order them to do something and if they don't then put them down in the lineup or sit them. Victorino batted right handed this year and had a .294 average and more homeruns than all but two of our players. If someone would've just told him to do that years ago, suddenly his career is back on track.

As for Pence, everything was wrong about that. They traded too much for him originally and then they should've held onto him, but instead they traded him for nothing. Classic Ruben doing something before even thinking about it like when he traded Lee the first time.

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