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Originally Posted by JMecc View Post
So why do you think so many people have an agenda against him? We're not talking one guy who has some vendetta against Lowe from something between them years ago. We don't know him personally at all; we only know him from his public profile on the Oilers and hate him according to what we see there.
My question is why hate him so much? Its not warranted. Not even close.

I think people forget that Lowe was only a GM for eight years. His tenure finished in 2008. New ownership took over and installed their stooge who could be counted on to follow the playbook. How anything that happened after 2008 could be mostly blamed on Lowe is just some logic that I don't follow - particularly when anyone can see that the team went from one that scrabbled hard for every point and hung around in the standings most seasons under Lowe and the EIG .... to a team that nearly set NHL records for sucking under Katz and Tamby. Yet Lowe is the bad guy here? Sounds to me like he's a convenient scapegoat for a lot of pent up fanbase rage created by stuff that mostly happened after 2008. And that would be stuff that mostly falls on Tamby and Katz.

As for his list of failings that is pointed to so often, its actually not that long.

- Comrie. Fair enough he ****ed that up. But I think people need to remember that this was a GM who was only two years removed from his playing career. He was inexperienced and he botched the deal. It happens. Fences were mended.

- Burke. I think Issak16 said it well. Lowe shot off his mouth, but it was something that had to be done at the time. Didn't need to badmouth the player though.

-Smyth. Lowe stood on his convictions with Smyth (probably having learned something from how Horc's deal came back to bite him) and ended up not being able to attend the ceremony for Messier for fear of being booed out of the building. Anyone here think he made the wrong call?

- Horcoff. This is the one I hold against Lowe the most. Unforgivably bad deal. He panicked and totally misread the player and the market.

So yeah, the guy has made mistakes. And yeah he shoots off his mouth sometimes when he should be more professional. But to have fans come on this Oiler site and call him a disease? To actually be a fan of the Oilers and go out of your way to mock the man for having won five SC in Edmonton (must not have been watching when he played the entire 88 playoffs with a broken wrist and broken ribs)?

I dunno ... just seems like a lot of misplaced anger to me.

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