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10-21-2013, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by TigerJack View Post
The only problem Zucc has compared to the other players on the team, are the missing points on the board. One multi-point game will fix this. Other than this, the whole team has been as awful as him. The only players that could be somewhat happy with their own performance are Richards and Callahan.

Players like Stepan and Brassard are expected to be top players. They have been totally invisible. Stepan have some points though, but no goals.

I am not defending Zucc, not at all, he has sucked big time, and is probably on his worst strech in his entire career.

Zucc is not this teams problem. The problem are the top players not getting it together. Lundqvist, Brassard, Stepan, Nash (sucked the games he played before he got injured)......

I do believe, however, that Zucc will ble waived shortly if he donīt produce. Thatīs how hockey works, especially NHL.
This entire post is comical at best.Stepan and Brassard have been invisible and Zuc hasnt.Meanwhile,both players have produced more then Zuc


Not to mention the fact Stepan didn't have the whole training camp because of his holdout,and he STILL has produced more then Zuc.But Stepan has been invisible.

No,Zuc isn't the only problem on this team,but so far,he sure as hell isn't a solution either.

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