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Originally Posted by SeriousBusiness View Post
Do you honestly think that's why season ticket holders continue to renew each year? Fear that if they don't, the team will move? Like they're doing some grand duty to keep the team here?

No they're doing it because they either enjoy going to the games, they sell the tickets and make money, or they use the tickets for corporate purposes.

Have you gone to any games in the past few years? Did you go to solely to ensure the team stays in Edmonton?
I have no idea why each person renews their season tickets every year and neither do you. What I did state though was fact. There was a revolt against Pocklington's ownership in the early nineties and attendance dropped down to 6500 people. That led to him threatening to move the team for financial reasons. It was around that time the league brought in the sustainability fund to help support small market teams. The catch was you needed a minimum of 12,000 season tickets sold as well as all rink board advertising and luxury boxes to qualify for it. Support for the Oilers was so poor at that time that it took a private citizen to step up (Cal Nichols) and put together a group called the Copper Jackets who went on a massive season ticket drive to fill the arena. Edmontonions were asked to separate the owner from the team because the only way to keep this team here was to support it. If you punish the owner you lose the team. Cut off your nose to spite your face.

Whether you agree with this or not it has been an accepted reality in this city that if you want to keep the team in the city the tickets must be sold. Katz knows this better than anybody and I suspect that's why he bought the team in the first place and why he has felt safe to run it with the apathy he has. Sure the fans could get angry with him and revolt like they did against Pocklington's ownership. There just isn't much of an appetite for going back to the days of "is this team going to stay or move?" again.

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