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Originally Posted by Cmoneyflyguy View Post
Has anyone here seen the crossing broad article about this?
Lot of heresay, but still:
My best friend and I are sitting in section 243 and my friend gets a text from his uncle that hes sitting next to Claude Giroux and Hartsy. We call ******** and he swears up and down that Hartnel is sitting right next to him and G next to Hartnel and that pretty much the whole Flyers team is in his section. Section 236 Row 3, end zone right above the Lincoln Finnacial Field sign. At halftime we decide to go scope out it. As we make our way towards their section the first Flyer we see is Tye McGinn who is standing in line with a buddy waiting to buy beer. We decide to get in line behind him because we needed a beer anyway. No one what so ever recognizes that it is McGinn standing in line but us. He orders 5 beers and Eagles fans begin to gripe and yell at him because its taking so long to serve him and we just chuckle at the fact that its McGinn. As he leaves we compliment him on his solid play on the first line this year and he turns around and smirks and acknowledges us. Just as that takes place Brayden Schenn comes stumbling through the beer line following a smoke bomb of a blonde girl like a little puppy dog. Again NOONE recognizes who he is and we yell YEAH SCHENNER GET IT he turns around and starts laughing up and walks back up to his seat. As hes walking up to his section Max Talbot comes stumbling down the stairs clearly bombed and in a stooper and makes his way to the bathroom. We are in disbelief of what we are seeing. My buddy decides to take a piss while Im still in line waiting for our beers. Rinaldo then comes down the steps and finally people recognize him and are taking pictures with him. I see him make his way to the bathroom. My buddy comes out cracking up and begins to tell me how Rinaldo took a piss in the stall and was talking to one of his buddies in the next stall about how he loves when girls recognize him because hes a hockey player and how he was going to slay some blonde after the game. After the game we meet up with my buddies uncle and he told us that G, Hartsy, both Schenns, Read, Simmer, Coots, McGinn, Jakob, Talbot, and Rhino were all in their section and all drinking and carrying on ALOT. He said Hartnel ordered at least 60 beers for all the Flyers and finally bought him 2 for passing them down all night from the server. Read joked to G every time the Eagles got booed by the fans that it sounded like the Flyers power play. Read told a story about being ****ed up in a cab in center city and puking on the cab driver. They all subliminally joked to one another about how bad upper management is. G made a comment that they might win a game soon if they actually manage to play in the 3rd period and Read and Hartnel chime in and said yeah if we dont get lit up before that or blow it with 4 minutes left. Basically the Flyers locker room is a complete mess and disaster and the players are all treating it as a joke. I have pictures of McGinn, Talbot and Rinaldo to verify.

Well take some of those claims with a tiny grain of salt. But the entire team was, in fact, at the Cowboys game:

FWIW, Read was sitting directly behind me as well as Giroux and Hartnell. None of them were hammered or carrying on all that much. They were all wearing hats so people wouldn't recognize them. Why would they want to draw attention to themselves by carrying on? I already said Hartnell ordered beers for everyone including us so that was true. Read was pretty funny and joking around a lot and kept saying that since the guy on the Eagles who messed up currently sucks so much they should trade him lol. All of those other comments I didn't hear and there was no one closer to them in the entire stadium. That last comment from Read was actually because I asked him if the Flyers are going to win on Thursday because I'm going to the game and he said to me, "Yea we'll probably win the whole game and then blow it with 3 minutes left!" I thought it was pretty funny and nothing more. You've gotta be able to joke around about stuff when times are tough. I'm sure this is nothing out of the ordinary. To be clear, I didn't hear one thing about upper management as that is total BS. They would never say that stuff in public lol.

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