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10-21-2013, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Conkanen View Post
Which is middle of the pack team wise and coupled with quality of competition puts him in some dicey situations that the coach obviously trusts him in unlike your boy Yak. But you can go ahead cherry pick one stat all you want to try and make
your argument. I’ve got more stats that support what I and others here see on the ice regarding Eberle. But you don't wanna hear about those.
Not sure what you're on about. Nor is Yak "my boy" I just tend to think a player with 55NHL GP and who by rights is still a rookie should probably get a little slack and not be scapegoated.

Cherry Pick stats?! You were the one that argued the defensive zone starts which is an odd thing to raise anyway in context.

I like anyway how you quote stats (falsely) and then shift goalposts to some vague "see on the ice" assertion.

I get that Eberle is a talented player, I get that he has scoring hands in close. How many times is he getting in close lately to use those mitts? Oh, on a 2 on 1 with the woeful Sens allowing Eberle and Yak home free on an extended break where they had all day to setup a picnic. Or against the leafs where the Oil had 60mins to setup an offensive zone picnic.

Thing with Eberle is he gets his chances when opponents breakdown. Where was the Sens D on that play? The guy has great finish, but it tends to be had against weak opposition play. I don't know he gets a lot of gift goals like that if the club ever makes the playoffs. Goals for him trending down in any case. He's reverting to more of a 25 goal scorer. Good thing to have but not as much considering the one dimensional attributes.

ps anybody putting too much stock in how the kids are "producing" right about now should realize the club has 6 goals in last 3 games and all against Eastern opponents. Just wait'll we start playing some hard to play against WC opponents.

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