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10-21-2013, 01:48 PM
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In that same season, the Devils made the cup. Carolina won a cup with a hot goalie. Ottawa made the cup as a 4 seed. The odds are certainly higher that you'll do well in the playoffs if your team has more talent but the Rangers aren't as far off as many are implying. The naysayers and pessimists certainly have leverage since we've started poorly but this team will continue to improve as the season goes on. We have plenty of good pieces, a few great ones (Nash, McDonagh, Richards, Stepan), and the best goalie in the league.

People want a complete rebuild but you have to ask how that worked for Edmonton. Phoenix had a lot of high picks, the Islanders did. If you want to build a sustainable empire like Detroit, like San Jose, like St. Louis, you acquire young talent and stay the course with the stars you have.

You don't judge a team by a poor start. This team has advanced past the first round of the playoffs each of the last two seasons.
I love the argument that "It didn't work for Edmonton." Edmonton's rebuild is over? Edmonton has done nothing to rebuild their defense and goaltending and thats why they are where they are.

The devils lost, carolina was a 1 seed, ottawa lost. What's your point? Kings were an aberration. Go plot the winners on a graph. The Kings were an outlier. The myth of "anything can happen" is just that, a myth. 99% of the time what is expected to happen, happens. Kings win as an 8th seed and then what happens the next year? The Presidents Trophy winner wins it - right back to the norm.

It's not judging a team on a poor start. It's judging a team on seasons upon seasons of mediocrity.

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