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Originally Posted by Idlerlee View Post
There needs to be case studies done on discussion forums to conclude the basal rate of opinion shift between sports. We're a few days into the next season and a guy most here adored last season is now the favorite to get kicked out.

For example: In soccer, you exclusively blame the coach when the team struggles. in hockey: you exclusively blame the players, not the system.

It's fascinating to watch, really. With the exception of a few noteable naysayers, this is turning into one massive bandwagon
Exactly, the task to turn this around relies not only on a single player, the players or the coaching staff alone - but the team in a whole. Altough, time is working against them, and if the play isn't getting better soon, something needs to happen anyway. A new player in may bring momentum for change, but he will not be doing it all alone - the team will.

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