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10-21-2013, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Azriel View Post
After looking at that injury list... goes to show you how Leblanc is an idiot.

Instead of pouting because mommy didn't give him his toy, he should've burnt the AHL. He would've been one of the first few callups (how many so far?) and had a real chance.

What a tool.
I watched the Bulldogs vs Marlies game yesterday, albeit not very closely. I wish AHL reported time on ice stats, because to me it seemed like Leblanc was in the dog house and played something like 4-5 shifts all game. He was probably the least used forward on the team.

It bothers me that we're not giving this kid ice time to get him in gear. Last year he was recovering from an ankle injury and sucked. This year he's being punished for last year.

Its hard to do anything when you play 4th liner minutes and your team is never in possession of the puck. Not used on the PP or on the PK.

Don't know really. He was alright with the Habs 2 years ago, regressed last year due to an ankle injury and is in the dog house this year.

I would've called him up instead of Blunden. We already know what Blunden can do. Give Leblanc a chance to step up or get rid of him.

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