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10-21-2013, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by nullterm View Post
This is it. Deterrents are only as good as your willingness to use them.

Even on clean hits, good teams stand up for their stars. Against PIT, Nick Schultz gingerly bumped Crosby and there was a swarm on him in seconds.

It won't eliminate cheap shots and hits. But it might cut down on the number with guys not thinking the Oilers are a hitting freebie. And the fewer hits a player takes the less likely they will get hurt.

The other side of the equation, our team takes all the hits and doesn't dish them out. Man I wish Sutton's knee held out another season or two.
There's a difference. When Crosby got hit, did Engellund come over the boards and glare angrily at the Oilers? No, every single teammate came in for Crosby. That's Team Toughness, not One Enforcer.

When Ryan Smyth barrelled in to drag the guy off Perron last game (and got a ridiculous penalty for it), that's what the Oilers have to do more. Not just one guy, but everyone.

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