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10-21-2013, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
Goes to show you how unintelligent some GMs are and how so many teams live in a bubble in their failure to recognize Bernier's talents. Even from what little we saw of him every season as a backup, you could just see it in his game that Bernier had the physical tools to someday be a starting goaltender. But we'll just let those fools kick themselves for not realizing his potential. It stings that the Kings had to give him up but it's the way the CBA is and it was going to be impossible to retain Bernier, especially against his wishes.

Also quoted because the article also illustrates one fact that to many posters around here couldn't -and still haven't- accepted. The market for goalies who aren't established starters is very weak.

Before Bernier was traded some posters were demanded a ridiculous payment. Even after, there's still some saying "I'd have held out for a 1st", or "I'd have demanded the LW to fix our top 6." The market doesn't bear that out, DL got a very solid return for what Bernier had proven he was -which was a backup with some serious potential for more but still unproven as a starter. To get a legit roster player, a solid back up -both of whom had, and still do have, potential to be more than that- a 2nd round pick and $500,000 in retained cap space is a very good deal. Even if DL is overembellishing, the number of teams in play for Bernier was very low, so he squeezed out a very solid return for an asset with limited trade value.

Ziggy understood this, kudos to him for getting it. A few others have as well. Hopefully the rest of you can either finally grasp how limited the trade market is in certain situations -like Bernier's- or just drop the issue. The trade is done, we got our return, deal with it.

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