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Ok I know this is an old thread, and nyk16 has probably already bought his stick and maybe a few more since he posted. I find HFBoards to be quite interesting and just registered so I thought Id chime in.

The more upright you skate (back on your heels), the LESS of a lie you need ie: a stick shaped like a capital "L" would have a lower lie - a stick with a higher lie " _/ "is for skaters who skate with their knees bent, & back hunched down low to the ice.

So a tall stay at home d man would want a lower lie - a 4 or 5 max.

A faster forward (winger) might want a stick with a large lie - say a 6 _/ verses an upright lower lie L shape. That way when skating with knees bent and back hunched for explosive speed would want to have the blade flat on the ice to receive passes and get a shot away.

A center man may want a 5 so as to be able to stick handle in traffic, closer to the body.

A big thing to keep in mind besides wearing out the heel of your stick, is that when you are fighting for the puck close to your skates, or trying to receive a pass close to your skates, if you have a 6 _/ vs a 4 upright L shape, you will tend to pull your stick in, and have mostly toe on the ice rather than full blade.

The stick companies did away with the numbering system about 20 years ago in favor of professional endorsement patterns that didn't make a lot of sense. its good to see that the lie system is coming back at least with a few companies.

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