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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Despite all that you wrote, reality is that we do not have adequate forward depth. Lets hope Holland plays well during this callup.
So you're pretending not to have seen my post with SIX young players playing tonight (not including Blunden, Diaz and Bourque) who were all acquired by Gauthier?

Here's my post again, in case you missed it SouthernHabs
Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Ah yes, you mean:

On the team today, acquired over two seasons is clearly not enough over TWO DRAFTS. Of course we're not going to count Galchenyuk, are we

Once again buddy, you're wrong. So outrageously wrong that you only expose yourself. Keep at it, it's very entertaining - what was it about Subban you said? That he was unfit to wear the jersey since he was being so selfish? Pretty radical opinion you had there.
I realize how obnoxious this is but false narratives and blatant lying is worse. No one wants Gauthier back but to say that this team was left in shambles is an outright lie - by all statistical measures we underperformed in the tank year and by the trade deadline we were just gutted of talent and injured. This organization over the past three years has done a fantastic job of bringing in loads of young players and getting them to perform at a very high level.

We have a good, great, team that is balanced and deep - it's what Bergevin does from here on out which is the question - does he implore on Therrien to rein in the fast and loose defense? Does he try to get a competent penalty kill? Does he finally trade some quantity for some quality? We lack scorers on the wings - should we make a move for a cheap, maligned winger? How can we bring a physical, net-crashing Cole-like element to the top6 again?

These aren't easy question but it's not like Bergevin has much else to deal with - he inherited a really good situation and has only done it harm with the Desharnais and Briere contracts.

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