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10-21-2013, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
Well, this is what happens when you promote your best prospects ASAP and bring in extremely old, fragile vets like Briere to compliment them. You can't have it both ways - this team promoted the best prospects over the past year, where are equivalents supposed to come from? Say what you want about Gauthier but the only reason we have guys like Bournival and Holland to promote right now is from his trades.
That is very short sighted.

The Montreal Canadiens are an organization. The players on the ice for the Habs are the most important component of the organization. But its not the only component of the orgainzation.

The short sightedness of your post and Gauthier's regime was that he had no vision for the future. And we are living in that reality right now. Hamilton is very very thin this season. Hamilton was bare last season. And to be a successful GM, you CANNOT allow that to happen. You must manage the big club and you must manage the future as well.

Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
Your irrational hate for Gauthier is really strange. I sense it is not simply a hockey thing.
Its all hockey. Gauthier hired Martin, (who I despised as much as Gauthier) and wasted three years of my life watching futility. And now it will take a few more years to overcome the Gauthier fiasco and ineptitude before the Habs compete for a Cup.

You might not mind finishing in last place in the East. I didnt like it one bit.

But feel free to rehab and pump up Gauthier if it makes you feel better about our losing ways in the past.

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