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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
I'm not sure I buy the Dolan angle. Sather doesn't seem to me to be the yes man hack who is going to kiss up to a guy who knows next to nothing about hockey. Glen Sather is the guru who built the mighty Edmonton Oiler dynasty. I don't see him letting some spoiled cable brat telling him how to run his business. And if Dolan was so bottom line focused, he's certainly ponied up enough money to pay the likes of Holik, Redden, Drury and soon to be Richards to not play for the Rangers. I know we're talking about different amounts of money but he's been lax about burning cash.

Dolan has been more involved interested in the higher profile Knicks a team that has not been as successful as the Rangers.
Someone once told me that you don't get up high unless you're good at ducking. Dolan isn't holding Slats' puppet strings, instead it's Slats sweet talking his way into keeping a job. First it's Neil Smith's fault, then he needed to find a Coach, then he needed to find a coach for winning not developing. Now I hope he's run out of excuses.

Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
I agree, but if the only thing Dolan told Glen was, "I don't care who you sign, what it costs, just get me in the playoffs every year." I think that's more than enough to do the damage being done here. Glen still chooses how to do it, (very poorly of course) but if that was his only rule it would still mean avoiding a top 10 draft pick at all costs. Including trading for Joker and missing the playoffs by a shootout.

I hope you are right because otherwise we are in for a longgggg ride.
Exactly. And with the cap in place, the NHL regulates how much he can spend so Dolan has a solid financial winner.

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