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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Or refusing to trade Mike Comrie unless he paid back his bonus money? Or the team's record under his tenure? Or the fact he is STILL making hockey decisions even after years and years of abject failure?

People point to 2006 as a high water mark for Lowe. To me it was his undoing. He traded for/signed a bunch of (mostly) pending ufa's. Pretty much all of whom flew the coup after Pronger pulled the wool over everyone's eyes by requesting a trade DURING the first year of a six year deal.

It really doesnt get any worse than that. The following rush to plug holes in the dyke resulted in a plethora of overpays and bad contracts that plagued the team for years. What we see out on the ice now is a direct result of the aftermath of 2006 and a big reason why we havent seen a playoff game since then.

Lowe's best years were as a player, followed by his brief tenure as coach (something he was actually good at), followed by his tenure as gm under EIG, which then went terribly wrong in 06 following the implementation of the salary cap. Lowe, not unlike his mentor Sather, have been awful with a blank cheque type ownership.
No one is saying he was some great GM...... he had a few good moments though and I give him full marks for 2006. Why? Because it was the most fun I've had as an Oiler fan.

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