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01-18-2004, 04:30 PM
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It's interesting to see that some have commented on my post regarding some of the Sens prospects playing in Binghamton and that much of what I said was disagreed with. Well, let's put this into perspective.....I made my post on 12/13/03 and alot has changed with the team since then.

Bonvie is gone, not that he was a prospect, but he was someone that could have been a call up to Ottawa. Emery has started to play the way he did last season. Hamel has begun to play the way he did the first few weeks of the season. Brooks Laich is playing much better. He's showing confidence and rather than standing there watching, he's started to become part of the action. Julien Vauclair has taken that next step....he's really improved. I have no doubt in my mind that next season, Ottawa will move some of the vet D men to make room for him; he's ready. Watson has actually shown some sign of life recently. I still won't call him a prospect, but he has finally started to take responsibility on the ice. I never considered Serge Payer a prospect...more of a AHL vet. But he has been playing very well. Is he someone that could get the call to Ottawa? Perhaps, but there would have to be a rash of injuries and other unexpected events for that to happen. Finally Josh Langfeld has been everything that we expected him to be...a hard worker, finisher and all around "work his butt off" type of guy. I can't begin to tell you how happy we are in Binghamton that he's done well on his recent call up to Ottawa. Personally, I hope that he finds a nitch and can stick. He's that good of a guy and deserves everything he's getting. He works hard and is a great asset to the club.

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