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10-21-2013, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by okgooil View Post
Well ya, I played hockey all growing up, plenty of times I would do something I shouldn't to get some one else to take a penalty. I use to love playing teams with lots of tough guys with hot tempers. I found they were the easiest games to be honest. I dind't find it deterred any one. All I know is that after you scored a couple goals on the powerplay the cheap shots usually stoped.

for the record I am not trying to pretent I am some super brave guy. Of course, the threat of getting my a$$ kicked stops me from doing lots of things. The point being there are refs in hockey. That sort of changes the whole dynamic. You don't worry about guys fighting you. I am pretty sure every NHLer could really care less if Mackintyre is on our team or not.
Sorry, but refs arent going to save you if some big nutcase on another team is going to grab and beat the stuffing out of you. Im not talking about pee wee or bantam. Unless youve played at a junior level where fighting, and getting your face beaten in by a much bigger and stronger player is an ever present reality, then you probably arent going to understand that yes, it isnt some kind of fairy tale, or something that just happens on tv.

And sorry if the Hall injury thread got sidetracked, but really, no news is likely bad news, as we are likely to find out in the coming days, and something we have seen before. Inevitably this conversation comes up again and again, and yes, everyone does have an opinion and should express it imo. Nobody is "right". We all have our opinions and all Im doing is expressing mine.

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