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10-21-2013, 08:29 PM
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Well, there was this guy in Ancient Egypt, right after they realized that having the Nile to fertilize their farms meant they didn't have to hunt and gather no more, who took a log and shot a skull between two pyramids to celebrate. And thus began the game of hockey.

As far as stick-and-ball games on ice go, there are records of them being played in northern and eastern Europe during the Little Ice Age (15th-18th centuries). So yeah, Russia/Sweden/UK/Netherlands/anywhere else cold probably has a claim. The Aboriginals in North America probably did the same type of thing. No one really knows who did it first.

What Canada claims to have originated is the modern, organized game of hockey with rinks, rules, and refs. All those earlier people played the game outside on a frozen pond or river, but in the winter of 1874/75, a civil engineer/lawyer/figure skating judge named James Creighton decided to try playing hockey indoors and wrote down a list of rules for it. On March 3, 1875, at the Victoria Rink in Montreal, Creighton and a few of his friends played the first indoor game of hockey using the new rules. So yeah, if you're talking about organized hockey then Montreal is the place you're looking for.

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