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12-08-2006, 10:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Kanye West View Post
I have an exam in 1 hour DAMN what am I going to do! It's Chem and Instead of studying yesterday I Vegged looked on the internet for Habs related stuff. Then I watched the game... Then i watched what they said after the game. Then I...went on the internet looking for more Habs stuff...

Just Kept there's a Chem Exam scheduled for 9:00 am on Campus and i'm pretty far behind...what should I do?

Oh I'm so stressed... It snowed all day yesterday and I couldn't get to my friends house to study earlier on...

euh... they even had Heating problems with Residences and Buildings yesterday... at Western! it's like a Rich kid do they have a Heat problem? has no one payed the bills on time?

Euugh... for those who don't know western here's the link


I know exactly what you mean... but dude... stop dissing chem... its my specialty!

I just try to stay away from the comp when I should be studying because chances are, I'll end up here

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