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10-21-2013, 09:15 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyThoughts View Post
Loving people speaking in absolutes. "There will never be a Chinese trained player in the NHL"

Why? Because right now they don't focus on the sport they never will? As hockey continues to grow and competition between China and the Western world continues to mount, their will be undoubtedly be an increased focus on improving their presence in other sports and winter sports in particular.

China has a population of 1.359 billion people! All it takes is one talented kid, to develop a passion for this majestic western sport where people skate around at super speed and hit, score, dangle in a prolific fashion called hockey. He trains, quickly moves up the Chinese ranks of hockey and by age 14-16 makes the move to Canada where he plays major junior and acclimates to the North American style of hockey. They'll be no different than any Europeans who make the move to NA after out-developing their national development programs.

Right now there is a huge disparity between the rich and poor in China making it difficult for an exclusive sport like hockey to gain traction. As someone else stated, as the middle class in China continues to grow I think there will be more interest in an upper class sport like hockey.
I think a move to Russia would be more realistic for a Chinese hockey phenom... playing MHL-A/B and then VHL to finally play in the KHL, although I could see a Chinese hockey phenom moving to BC if it was better for hockey reasons than Khabarovsk/Vladivostok.

Again, I believe that a Chinese-born and trained player playing his first KHL/NHL game (even if he was to play his last game at the highest level that day) would be a major accomplishment to the eyes of the Chinese hockey federation. It's still IMO ~20 years away...

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