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10-21-2013, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
Whoa there buddy. Wait a sec!!!!!!!

Within the last 8 months we moved three prospects into forward positions: Gally 1, Gally 2, Bournival. So now 4 forwards go down and you expect more prospects to go and fill in?

Tell me of another team that can promote 3 forward prospects in less than a year and still have other prospects ready to jump up?
Both Chuckie and Gally are at their 2nd year. Not sure why you say 8 months as if we would have played a complete year, they would have been here anyway. Gallagher being an exceptional based on where he was picked, and Galchenyuk being a top 3 pick, that ends up playing the year after he was picked just like most top 5 picks in the NHL and beyond. We are now in another year. Prospect wise that makes sense to jump in this year was only Bournival. We had 2 more players than the 12-player limit, but 2 spots that were filled with vets. So yes, we have a lot of injuries. As always....nothing new. Yet, what I said isn't less true. We can't expect the 2012 or 2013 picks to play a role. We start seeing 2011 with Beaulieu. Yet, even if you would like me to be patient with the forwards of that draft...we have none left. 2010: Gallagher makes it...still waiting for MacMillan but he's in the NCAA. 2009...nobody on that list is ready....unfortunately. We could have clearly expect Leblanc and Dumont to fill spots during injuries...but they can't. 2008: We had one guy who would have been more able than the others and we don't have him already. So, in the end, out of 4 drafts, that's 26 selections, we have 1 forward in the lineup. And no one else ready to come in to help after that. It has to show. I mean, real soon, you will have McCarron, De La Rose, Lehkonen, Crisp, Andrighetto, Grégoire, Collberg, Bozon, Vail, Hudon, Nystrom knocking. Yes, some maybes in there but it should look much better soon.

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