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10-22-2013, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by fallsviewafro View Post
Hohoho, an HFB fitness thread

Coles notes:

Overtraining =

I sincerely doubt anyone ITT has experienced overtraining. No, not every workout will allow you to lift at 90%+ 1RM or set PRs whether for weight or reps. Feeling stale or sore or bad because you trained hard does not mean you've "overtrained," and so help me God if you use the term "CNS fatigue."

Hockey specific training:

Do a sensible full-body strength program with some added single-leg work and a focus on conditioning. Use of a bosu ball revokes your man-card. Anything popular such as 5/3/1, SS, any number of beginner 5x5 program is great. Learn to love the rear-foot elevated split-squat, and be sure to get on some hip-hinge movements since the majority of the power in your stride will come from your hips.
True — the BOSU ball thing can be bad idea. You're basically destabilizing your legs and losing power. Plyometric drills like lateral bounds require a powerful, fast push in the opposite direction upon landing. This whole process is compromised by jumping onto the BOSU ball.

As for hip hinge movements, Kettlebell Swings and Hip Thrusts are fantastic for developing explosiveness from the hips, glutes and hamstrings.

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