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10-22-2013, 02:10 AM
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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
So far I think the Flames are doing their rebuild much much more effectively than the Oilers did. Acquiring 3 1st round draft picks by unloaded veterans was a very nice start.

I am not even sure what the 'F' the Oilers did other then mismanage the team so bad that they ended up getting 1st overall pick after 1st overall pick. I guess incompetence = rebuild according to some.

In any event the lucky thing for the Oilers is that MacT has an opportunity to unload some of those skill players and add some balance to this team.

I like Yakupov but I would be surprised if he isnt the player headed out in an attempt to build a better team.
The Flames lucked out in that a player as complete as Monahan fell to them at #6. I'll be honest - a player THAT NHL ready in terms of size, strength, and 2-way accumen to go along with his skill level rarely ever presents itself in the draft.

I remember saying that he'd be a Toews-lite in pre-draft discussions - that prophecy seems to be coming true.

Often times guys like this are drafted for the "potential" to become this kind of player. ROR, Bergeron, etc were picked for this purpose. Toews/Monahan presented this kind of package as 17-18 year olds.

There's a difference between positioning yourself to become a playoff team and a contender, though. And I see some problems for them heading into the future. I see no good young defensemen coming up in their system (Brodie was a great pick, but I don't see anyone else), nor do I see a steady goaltender (as good as McDonald and Ramo have played thus far, they are very inconsistent).

They could easily remedy this by continuing to rely on veterans (Wideman, Giordano-type signings) to fill in key roles for them (PIT did this) and getting lucky on a goalie signing.

If all goes well, this team is 1-2 draft picks away from setting themselves up for a solid 5-10 year run of success/contention.

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