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12-09-2006, 07:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Toro View Post
way to puke on a good thread...

i think the stat is a measuring stick that is as useful as shots on net or assists. sometimes all can be manipulated by people in power.

but all none the less good stats.
He's right, actually. Hits, like blocked shots most other stats of that nature are very inaccurate stats. In the end they don't mean much. It's much better to analyze a player's physicality by watching the games. I know Chris Neil is a physical player, not because the stats say he has 100+ hits but because I've watched him forcheck. That stat doesn't mean that he's a good hitter, or what types of hits he's landed, how many seperated the player from the puck just says 100 "hits" have been recorded, probably not very accurately.

For example I remember our first game against Carolina in Carolina. I was watching the FSN feed. After the first period they showed the hit stats as 15-4 for Carolina, despite the fact that they had just shown a replay of the period where Montreal had landed at least 8 nice hits. And I'm sure the same thing goes on everywhere.

It's just not a useful stat at all, except for fans who want to brag about how tough their players are. There's no substitute for watching the games though. No doubt it's interesting to look at, but I wouldn't put much stock into stats like that.

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