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10-22-2013, 03:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Stickchecked View Post
Awesome post with lots of info but this is all I can take away from it:

And I just googled for a yoga studio to join. Good thing I have a bony ass.

Agree with the stretching, though. Seriously, for anyone who spends any time watching hockey, you have time to stretch. Get off the couch and spend 30 minutes stretching. It's easy and well worth it.
+1 to stretching and +1000000 to yoga.

I have a balance board, that I stand on and watch hockey on.

I also keep small weights at my desk that I lift with my non-mousing hand(I alternate).

I really admire guys who cut a slice out of there day to train, but there are also ways to combine some types of training with other every day activities.

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