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10-22-2013, 03:51 AM
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Originally Posted by jniklast View Post
I ask again: those who are in favor of blowing it up completely, are you convinced, that we will get significantly better players in the draft in the next years than we are trading away? Namely considerably better players than Lundqvist, Nash and Staal? Consider that finishing last in the league can't be guaranteed and the first overall pick even less so. If we don't get McDavid, chances are very high, that we won't get better players within the next five years, than those we are trading away. Look at the Oilers, they drafted at #1 three years in a row and they have no one at Lundqvist level, Hall maybe at Nash level and then arguably no one even at Staal level after that.
I'm not convinced at all, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't give it a crack however it's not my money (obviously) so I can afford to be a bit blase about it.

If I was going to "blow it up", I'd probably try to keep one of Staal/Nash if not both. I know people will say that is half-arsing it, but if you moved out Lundqvist, Cally, Giradi, MDZ, MZA, Boyle, Pyatt and Moore (Dom) then you'd be replacing at least 8 of your starting 20 as well as buying out BR.

? - Step - Nash
Kreider - Brassard -
Hagelin - Miller - ?

You throw in a potential top-6 winger or 2 from trades and an (intelligent) FA signing and you have a pretty good (if unproven) top 9 as well McD, Staal, Moore and Stralman (maybe) still holding the D together.

If you then add in up to maybe 5 draft picks inside the top 60 (1st and 2nd rounders in trades for guys like Lundy, cally, girardi) and you've 'rebuilt' the image of the team in one fell-swoop.

There's no guarantee it will work of course, and the goalie situation needs to be fixed (FA or offer sheet unless you can add a good prospect in one of the trades), but if you are like me and believe that this team as currently constructed isn't a legit cup threat then it is worth a shot

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