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Each club had same territorial was only 50 miles or something like that. Leafs were neck and neck with Habs for Cup wins until the Harold Ballard era. When they started using their stars like Mahovlich bad and foolishly trading away young players. Habs when opposite direction at expansion to trade their veterans for high picks. Opposite of the rest of league philosophy. This was Sam Pollock's doing but doesn't put black mark on Habs. Smarts chalk that one up to

Anybody who grew up in Quebec during this era would know there wasn't much else in the province but hockey....except maybe the catholic church. While places like New York or Boston hockey was the fourth sport. If that in some cities. Naturally the interest and output of young players would be greater in Montreal.

To prove the territorial thing wasn't what did it Montreal wasn't a dominant club until Tommy Gorman. Who started it after the war. Habs spend a lot of money signing c form and junior club sponsorship. Other clubs had this option if they chose. With the bigger OHL or WHL and American college system. Habs even had more sponsorship in the WHL than any other club for awhile. Peteborough Petes be another example. A long time Habs sponsored team in Leafs backyard. Any of the original six could done this. Arguably one of their core clubs, Habs got a few good players there Mickey Redmond who traded for Frank Mahovlich, Danny Grant won Rookie of the Year. Scotty Bowman, Roger Neilson started their career. Even lead to Pollock drafting Bob Gainey. Habs helped other NHL clubs if anything, as they developed a lot of players they lost in draft for nil, such as Dick Redmond, Garry Monahan, Dunc Wilson even Billy Harris. They had the foresight and spend big money on player development. Naturally they should reap the rewards. Pollock had a vast and complex farm system at one time.

Red Wings had foresight in drafting Russians before communists fell and circumventing the cap with all those long front loaded contracts. Would that discredit their 3 cups?

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