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10-22-2013, 08:33 AM
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I'm a fan of Eakins. I think he has the ability the lead A team in the NHL to success eventually.


The same things that I have been harping on for the last few years still apply to this mess of a team.

No balance
Too much finesse with no room to play because they are cream puff
Too much expectation put on the kids to lead the Oilers with no one to lead them
Not enough quality role players
Management is a bunch of rookies with little experience outside of the Oilers i.e and winning

And you know what? It's not just Kevin Lowe and management who needs to accept responsibility. It's also the responsibility of the fans as they have let Kevin Lowe and his cronies lead the Oilers to where they are now. The majority of the fans lapped it up.

And we still hear from people

Sign *generic finesse player*!
Sign *player under 6' and 180 lbs*!
*Draft McDavid!*
*Perron is the agitator we need!*

And you know with that type of thinking this team will go absolutely no where. Even if they make it to the playoffs in some god forsaken batch of rotten luck, they will be ground to a thin paste by the 3rd game.

This mess is too big to fix in a year or two. The problem is the culture of the Edmonton Oilers and everyone associated with it.

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