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Originally Posted by Socks View Post
My objections are as much from a management perspective as they are from someone who simply doesn't want to work at a nonessential job on Thanksgiving. I manage a smaller store in the mall. Including myself there are 4 employees. I don't need anyone else and, in fact, couldn't provide another employee with any hours were I to hire one except on this one overly long day. It is not logical for me to do this. Moreover who is going to apply for abd accept a position for one day? We don't use temps, so that's out of the question. I'm simply not adequately staffed for an extended day like this.

The second problem for my store relates to payroll. My store does a good amount of business but on Black Friday people are not flocking to us first thing to get that great sale. Prior to 8ish we'll have a few sales but usually nothing to make it worth us being open. It's generally a full shift of wasted salary. And for someone who has a limited amount of salary hours each week to deal with (i.e. me) that makes me resent having to be there all the more as it takes away hours from the more prime times that we need people to work.
Your company is probably bound by its lease to be open when the mall is open. Retail at the store level is a tough way to make a living.

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