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Originally Posted by onice View Post
That's not what I said. I responded to your post where you assumed we had no good prospects because none of our prospects were dominating in their leagues. I posted 8 players that were doing excellent in their respective leagues.

Obviously they are not all going to continue this production into the NHL but what team right now has 8 prospects that will eventually dominate the NHL. The answer is none yet you expect the Habs to have a slew of prospects that will all turn out to be dragon slayers.

We've just come out of two decades of atrocious GMing. I think you need to give the prospect pool time to fill up.

I know those two are playing against men but I didn't think their stats would have impressed LaPoche69. And by his reply I was proven right. He is left cold by all the prospects I mentioned except for Gregoire.
You're right, I implied something you didn't said. Sorry about it.

That said, I'm not implying some prospects are not interesting or not doing well at their respective level. I'm saying that beside Gregoire, they're not "dominating" like any player who end up having an impact on a NHL team usually does, and therefore I state that there isn't much talent coming in. And even for Gregoire, I prefer to wait a bit since it's early into his season.

Heck, even Ryan White was dominating in his own way during his junior years, something none of Habs' prospect are doing. Of course some will develop well and probably will play at least some role in the NHL, but very few will, and even fewer will have an impact greater than one of a role player.

The way the actual prospects are doing, it's nothing more than the way the Duncan Millroy, Ben Maxwell, Kyle Chipchura, Michael Lambert, etc., were doing in their time. So my bet, and the odds are with me, is that the great majority of them will end up being not really more than these guys. And some who'll make it in the NHL are often not the ones we were excpecting. For example, I wouldn't be surprise to see Vail making it and Collberg never reaching the NHL.

Moreover, we allready saw those guys play in camp and in exhibition, and there was nothing to write home about. Players reaching the NHL with a "certain" impact always show something.

Just recently, people were considering Morgan Ellis as a legitimate NHL prospect, and he's not even playing in the AHL... Hard to reach the NHL.

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