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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
You must not remember Detroit pre-1990.

And besides, I wasn't talking about the history of the team. You said it was simple, that the Rangers suck and they shouldn't. There is nothing simple on why the Rangers suck right now. It's frustrating as hell, for sure, but it's fascinating in its own way.

Besides, after being a fan for 25 years, and having the Rangers miss the playoffs from the time I got into high school until after I moved out of New York (in other words, the entire time I was likely to attend a lot of playoff games), I understand the frustration. My feeling is that I'm not going to lose patience with a team after less than 3 weeks of regular season play. Then again, I also don't get upset about things I know aren't going to change, like who the GM of this team is, so maybe I'm a little different. Instead of being frustrated, I'm just resigned to my fate as a fan of the Rangers (and the Mets, for that matter).
I remember it quite well, which is exactly my point. Detroit has made the playoffs 27 of the last 29 years. Much of that time they have been a solid contender if not an elite team. That's a true winning culture rather than a temporary fad.....

So it can be done when you have the right people in place making consistently good decisions. One being that there is never any patience for substandard management, teams or performance.

....what ever else you said, OK. Still I say screw patience.

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