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10-22-2013, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
Indeed, it was arguably his best move. As of today, it is still mediocre at best.

The 'ridiculously overpaid' Cammalleri still doing what is ultimately expected from him - put up points. He has 24 goals/ 51 points in 72 games with the Flames and likely will be traded this deadline for at least a 2nd round pick just based on his playoff history and expiring contract.

Bourque has 3 more years left on his deal and has 12 goals/21 points in 65 games + equally inconsistent not only in terms of scoring but physical play/engagement.

Ramo (penciled in as Flames starter) / 2nd (Fucale) is a wash right now. Tough to predict how this will pan out and frankly not the key parts of the deal. Plus points for Gauthier for getting a 2nd that ended up being in the 30s. Plus points for Gauthier for getting Ramo in the first place.

That's where I'd give credit. Cammy/Bourque swap? I think people are overrating Bourque's value to the team and underrating Cammy's abilities while overstating his 'cancer' traits.
I'd give credit to the whole move. Salary cap context needs to be used.

Cammy vs Bourque, sure Bourque is inconsistent and is signed longer, but at his cap hit, we can actually afford his inconsistency. With Cammy, we couldn't. On top of that, I do believe his cancer traits are overstated a bit, but I do think he was still bad enough to merit being dealt.

I don't know what you've got to do or say to get a GM pissed off enough to do a classless move like trading you in a game, but even though I dislike Gauthier and think that move is disgusting, Cammy must have had it coming. The locker room couldn't have been that high on Cammy for that to occur imo.

That having been said, I'll take a Fucale (Best goalie of his draft year) and Holland (low pick with possible NHL upside) over Ramo any day of the week. Yeah he dominated the KHL, thus far he's been outplayed by a 33 year old career backup.

In the end, I wouldn't call it a mediocre trade. If in 2-3 years Ramo is in the Vezina discussions then we'll start talking mediocre.

As it stands, we couldn't afford to have Cammy's cap hit and the guy replacing him isn't seeming to be problematic on our team. Would I have preferred somebody better, or a top end prospect? Of course. But I judge a trade on what I believe a GM could have gotten, and I don't believe Cammy would have yielded a top line player or a high end prospect or pick. At best, a low 1st rounder.

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