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Originally Posted by Cup 2007 Sens Rule! View Post
The Hits stat has flaws. Mostly that in each building they record Hits a bit differently. But over time every team plays in every other building in the division and conference. And since the stats inception I think each building is doing a better job of recording hits more similarly.

Certainly Hit stats have limited merit but over time it gives you a pretty accurate assessments of which players are making the most hits.

If a player has recorded for instance 75 hits and another has 100 hits that may not mean much but if a defenceman has 200 hits and another 50 hits then that clearly tells you a great deal. Espeically if they are on the same team and had the same guys recording the hits all season. Still Hits mean little to an overall assessment of a player. Lidstrom doesn't record very many hits and is a great Defenceman.
I agree they're getting better at it, and to be fair they haven't been recording for very long so it will take time to get it right. And over time it can give you an idea of who's throwing the most hits.

However, I still think it's think it's about as useless a stat as you have. It's as misleading as +/-. On Montreal right now they list Garth Murray as having more hits than Perezhogin in 11 fewer games. Perogie has been forchecking hard every game, going to the corners and has landed his far share of nice hits. Murray has been soft and hesitant to throw a hit. But someone who hasen't been watching the games looks at the stats sees: Murray 17GP 19hits Perezhogin 28GP 16hits and thinks Murray-Gritty, Perez-Soft when it's quite the opposite.

I credit the league for trying to keep track of these things but it might be a while before it's recorded accurately. Even then, I don't put much stock into the stat. Like you said, Lidstrom can throw 15 hits a year and still be the best dman in the league. And I remember my stuff right, Gauthier was among the league leaders in hits for a couple years when he was with Calgary.

But more importantly, I think it's misleading because people look at hits and equate it with physicality. Sometimes this is true, and landing hits is important, but there's so much more to being a physical player than the stat of "hits". Take Regehr for example. I think Regehr only has 40 hits or so, which isn't much, but considering he destroys people down lown it's impossible to say he's not a beast physically. Likewise, to use the Gauthier example, he can land a lot of hits, but he routinely gets outmatched physically.

So it's a decent indicator of who's throwing their weight around, but not much else.

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