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10-22-2013, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Off Sides View Post
I agree with everything you said in this thread, I just don't see any way out unless they find an owner who will let them really rebuild with the proper patience it takes. Then that owner hires someone who has the vision and skills to take what they have now and turn it into that vision.
This team could rebuild quickly assuming you have someone with a vision and courage. There's young talent playing in the NHL. The farm system is not completely bare. It's not like when Sather took over in 2000.

And I have to wonder if it's Dolan who gave the mandate that the Rangers couldn't rebuild. I don't think he has the ability to think in those terms. I think it's more of an issue that the GM is constantly, in his own mind, the smartest person in the room who can work miracles.

Originally Posted by Off Sides View Post
Until that happens this is all arithmetic. It will always be "rebuild while remaining competitive." Any GM would be fired if he really rebuilt without the consent of the owner, and even if he did get the nod he still might be fired if the owner changed his mind, lost patience or felt the rebuild was not going well.
If a GM came in with a clear vision for the future and a timeline, it's up to the owner to out his trust in that GM to make it so. And then hold him accountable.

Originally Posted by Off Sides View Post
Sather has played this whole thing pretty well in terms of occupational security, like the team, dislike the team, good moves, bad moves, but as long as the team is not forgotten all is well. One hand on marketing, one hand on playoffs, lots of interesting characters whether players or coaches, selling hope with UFA's, trades yearly. The only thing that goes stale is the fact they are never going to be considered real contenders by the few that understand what that means.
I don't believe that Sather is acting out of malice. I genuinely think he doesn't realize that the game has passed him by. And I do think he's lazy. And I think there's a general inability to look ahead—something that's essential for long-term success in a salary cap world.

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