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10-22-2013, 11:38 AM
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Early impressions

I don't feel like going into Gretzky vs Lemieux in detail, but others can if they want. Regardless, I have Gretzky #1 and Lemieux #2.

Beliveau at #3 - he has 9 top 5 finishes in Hart voting (other than Gretzky/Lemieux, no other C has more than 5 top 5 finishes), led the 1960s dynasty in playoff scoring, and was an injury away from leading the 1950s dynasty in playoff scoring too (finishing just behind Geoffrion).

Morenz at #4. I honestly think there is a case for Morenz over Beliveau based on peak, but I'm happy with Morenz at #4. Most of my posts this round will be about Morenz.

Mikita at #5. I almost ranked Messier over Mikita during round 1, but decided that would just be too contrarian. 4 Art Rosses was just two hard to ignore even if Stan "only" won the 2 Harts and didn't quite have the playoff heroics of some other centers here. I really do want to see evidence that Mikita was a strong two-way player while he was in his offensive prime.

Messier at #6. I'm open to be convinced that any of the 70s trio deserves to go over Messier, but it would have to be because their regular season peak/prime is that much higher. Messier has pretty clear advantages over Esposito/Clarke/Trottier in longevity as an impact player and in the playoffs.

Clarke/Esposito at 7/8. Tough call between these two. Clarke was miles better defensively, Esposito was miles better offensively. In round 1, I went with Clarke over Espo mainly because of his Hart record.

Trottier at 9. I'm open to being convinced otherwise, but Trottier's "on paper" resume just doesn't seem to be as good as the rest of these guys. In my opinion at least. On the flip side, his playoff resume is stronger than Clarke or Espo's.

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