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10-22-2013, 02:04 PM
Rust Heisenberg
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Highest Gordon should get is a 3rd and a lower level draft pick.

He's failed a bunch of drug tests, 1 fail away from a likely season ban.

Doesn't matter what ESPN analysts think will get the deal done. They don't understand GM negotiations. They have too high of a bias on talent alone and not on other intangibles... i.e off the field problems.

On one side you have people saying Cleveland shouldn't accept anything lower than a 2nd. Talent wise Gordon is possibly a top 10 WR, maybe even better so he deserves at least a 2nd and something. That may be true but then you get to the other side.

Which is, what's the point of having an elite talent if he's not on the field to help you. Putting aside the glaring trend lately where players to get career threatening/ending injuries a lot more frequently than they used to... Gordon has off the field problems that could limit his playing time even more. He's failed multiple drug tests from high school on, totaling to north of 5 (which is impressive on its own), ranging from marijuana to prescription drugs. Marijuana isn't addictive, he could get help for that if need be. Prescription drugs are. He had high levels of codine in his blood this past offseason stemming from the explanation of "not knowing that cough syrup has codine in it"... NFL didn't buy that explanation and gave him a 2 game suspension. Next time its 6 or a year. Drug problems are very worrisome.

So yes. You have an elite talent in Gordon. On talent alone he's worth a high pick. But then you add in the off the field problems and his value vastly diminishes.

Either Cleveland could hold on to him and botch their rebuild up potentially by not stockpiling draft picks. They could hold on to him and have him fail another drug test leading to a NFL suspension... likely leading to Gordon's release from the team - doesn't help them bc they lose a #1 WR and they get nothing for him in return. Or they could trade him. Every other GM knows his history, that's why there are only 3 teams calling in for him. To make it even worse for the Cleveland GM's leverage, this draft is LOADED in high end WR talent.

He's not yielding more than a 3rd unless some GM really ***** the bed and doesn't know how to negotiate. All this news that team's are offering high end picks are likely planted from Cleveland PR to try and get other teams to offer more. Their GM is doing anything and everything he can do, which is not much.

3rd and 5th at most. Book it.

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