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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
That's when I started following hockey (being born in 1974). It could've been going on before that but it was frequent in the what little SM-Liiga we were shown on tv in the 80's.
Again what the **** does it have to do with this and the current Jokerit-HIFK situation? You think anyone on either team gives a crap what happened 30 years ago? Many of the guys involved were not even born back then..

Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
I wasn't talking about Gillies but rather the whole affair. IFK still haven't forgotten how they were exposed as miespillu(quote by some jatkoaika poster).
Huh? Which of the teams attacked a club legend from behind with intention to seriously injure the guy and then in the following games refused to fight anyone their size?

Or are you talking about the front office? Kind of hard to tell from your posts.

Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
When they were on the receiving end of a treatment they've been doing to others for ages, was too much for them to bare.
Oh please sir tell you are not talking about something that happened when Carl Brewer was still here? Or the Pena times. The front office has changed, the players have changed, the logo has changed. Nothing in IFK is what it was 20 years ago and that I'm glad of. The team has retured to it's roots as a higher class sports club with class and that's what it's supposed to be as the biggest sports organization in the country.

Stop living in the past and try to snap back to the present; The team you are rooting for has been the dirtiest team in the league for the last few years. On and off the ice. Period.

Not surprising though, seems that half of the current Jokerit team played in the IFK of the past and among them some of the most notorious rats to ever play in the SM-Liiga. Your general manager trying to put back together the team he was a fan of before being rejected trying to buy the club?

Have fun in Russia.

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