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10-22-2013, 01:58 PM
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Possible Head Coaches

Not ready to fire him yet. I would see the next 10 games and see how they unfold. If i dont see improvement Like i havent so far. Then fired!

Who would replace him?
I dont like Messiers lack of experience in coaching. But I would probably hire him since he seems to want it so bad, he would immediately make us more interested, he is a presence and I am that fed up with this team so far. Hire one assistant, Brian Leetch like they discussed and go for it. That fed up.

If not messier...

Maybe Dale Hunter?

If you fire the coach. I am likely going to want to fire Sather too. Too many coaches gone by and no blame on the GM? Then again im not Dolan. But I would fire Sather and probably look at Dale Hunter as GM or maybe even more shocking... Wayne Gretzky?

Thought about it the other day. I mean, hes a great hockey mind but wasnt the best coach. I heard he lacked a gameplan, it was always different and players werent use to it and didnt like it and they didnt succeed with it. As GM, he doesnt need a gameplan for his players or hockey. He needs to put together a winning team.

Him and Messier?
They have history and somewhat of chemistry. They know how to talk among each other and they both know what is needed to win.

gretzky has already experience with Team Canada and a lot of hockey operations stuff in Phoenix. Some.

His name and personality could attract more talent. Maybe less pay? Like do 99 a favor. Many great players, Yzerman, Sakic, guys like Gretzky... are becoming strong GMs. Why not 99...

Gretzky, Messier and Leetch! Dayum. I like that
I think that would make me interested again

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