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Originally Posted by ted1971 View Post
My top 10:

1. Gretzky
2. Mario
3. Beliveau
4. Morenz
5. Mikita
6. Esposito
7. Nighbor
8. Clarke
9. Trottier

Basically, Mario had a better chance being 3rd then 1st, but I gave Him the benefit of the doubt due to His injuries and Illness. Esposito's peak as the top forward in the game from 1968-75 was too strong for Me to ignore and was possibly over-shadowed by some player named Orr even on His own team. Nighbor was most likely the best 2 way Center in the history of the game and Clarke was right behind Him in most Historian's eyes. Trottier was ranked next due to the fact that Messier played LW until age 23 and held on about 4 years too long and only finished in the top 5 of scoring 3 times in His 23 year career. Out of everyone on My list, numbers 7-10 could change depending on compelling discussions.
Mario having a better chance of being third that first? Take a hard look at your own avatar, Lindros standing there beside Clarke. Sip in that image, experience that evolution that both Gretzky and Lemieux went through. If you happen to be a more modern guy than that, then lets reminice an image centering Lindros and Messier, Gretzkys teammate, and tell me, that Lemieux did not end up supreme. Gretzky would maybe score 50+110 today, while Lemieux would do 75+90. Solid.

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