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10-22-2013, 02:54 PM
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I expect the Habs to have a presser some time soon due to your findings and apologize to the hockey world for having superior management with Selke and Pollack and thereby turn in their Stanley Cup banners.
That would make me a lil better but it would be even cooler if they gave them to the Leafs just cuz the Leafs had to put up with Ballard. Kind of like a pain and suffering compensation lol

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Indeed. Im a lifelong Leafs guy and I must say I find any inference or intimation that the Habs Stanley Cups from 1955 through 1979 are somehow tarnished or cheapened due to the Machiavellian wanderings of Selke, Pollock & the Molsons. Specious theory, suggestion. Toronto did exactly the same thing, New York, Boston, Chicago & Detroit on smaller scale's, different levels & parameters and most of it based on budgets. As about 99.8% of the talent came from Canada, Toronto & Montreal had a huge advantage. As I said earlier, real simple. Not Rocket Science. The US based teams just didnt spend as (Orr the exception) much, spend as much time in developing players, employing vast armys of Scouts the way the Leafs & Habs did.
At the end of the Day the Habs still won the games on the ice and it is what it was. Yes the Leafs did have a similar system in place but to a significantly lesser extent than the Habs had. On top of that Hockey enrollment was way higher per capita in the areas that the Habs farm system covered than what the Leafs farm system covered. Hockey being 2nd only to the Catholic religion in many parts of Que almost ensured a high hockey enrollment and by proxy a larger selection of talent for the Habs. Looking at the political workings of the NHL it is sad how many French Canadiens had a harder time playing on other teams than the Habs so it makes sense that they would choose the Habs 1st. If only a true fair draft was set up after WW2 I think the NHL would have been better for French Canadiens and even Europeans in the post WW2 era.

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