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Originally Posted by PropJoe View Post
I have a hard time blaming Homer because on paper the team is good and its hard to say that they're overrated players who have inflated point totals because of the success in 2011-12. I'm not ready to throw the guy under the bus for a bad start because I think we've all seen some serious improvement since Laviolette was fired. While I'm not exactly a Homer apologist I think he has an unfair job because of the pressure exerted on him by Snider. It's clear that he wants to be patient with young players but at the same time, the fan base wants to fire him after a half season of struggle and a slow (admittedly extremely slow) start. It's almost as if he's an a can't lose-lose situation.

Here's a question I have for people, if we have Richards, Carter, JVR, and Bob are we legit cup contenders right now? Obviously part of this question is taking out the guys we acquired for them.

I think if your answer is no, which mine is, wouldn't it make sense to take chances on guys with the potential of Voracek, Couturier, and the Schenn brothers, while freeing up some cap space in the process? I'm not a fan of all those moves obviously (Bob trade was certainly terrible). I'm just trying to defend the moves the GM has made that are generally attributed for their recent struggles.
It's most definitely a no. They might not be as bad right now, but I feel comfortable saying a group of Schenn, Couturier, Voracek, Simmonds, and Cousins will look much better in a couple of years when Richie and Carter are on the downswing and still locked up to long term deals. That's kind of what people were expecting heading into 2011-1012, but the immediately success skewed a lot of perspectives.

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