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10-22-2013, 04:39 PM
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I bet it went like this...

Sather: Mark! Head coach is vacant, are you interested
Mess: Oh I am not sure ))))))... let me talk to my family
Sather: No problem. No problem

An hour later
Messier: Sather? Count me in...
Sather: Great to hear, understand that you are just applying and will have to go through the sam...
Messier- YES. I cant wait. But ya know what, treat me like everyone else. I want to go through the same process...
Sather: ...
Messier: Ill be looking forward to the interview
Sather: ... Okay no problem Mess

NEWS: Alain Vigneault fired from Vancouver

Sather talks to his staff....
No experience, Mark Messier? Or Successful resume AV?
Yes AV. Everyone except the 1 die hard Ranger fan raises his hands to vote AV

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