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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
Some posters here, primarily the one's who were a part of our SC run, think Messier pisses excellence. As much respect as I have for the guy, some of the things people here say make me wonder if they're mistaken Messier for someone like W.W. Blue paint replaced with tears, naturally.

Cause, you know, Messier would snap his fingers and our injury-depleted line-up would be instantly healed. Messier would snap his fingers and Sather would have been delegated to emptying the Garden's trash. Messier would snap his fingers and our team would win games 14-1.
Woah Woah Woah.
Lets make things clear...

We understand the coaching staff is new, the system is new and the team has some changes. We understand the team's been away from home, on long road trips across the country and we have been riddled with injuries and other issues.

But what we also understand is that what were watching every game when the Rangers take the ice, is not the Rangers team we want to see.

We drop our jaws at a creative new offense, but we cry for every dumb back door easy and high quality goal we allow.

AV is a solid coach and deserves more time. But this is not good hockey.

Do you recall 2011-2012 season?
We started in Europe and we started with quite a few away games.
We had injuries to Marc Staal, Michael Sauer (defense is the most important position in depth and we lost 2/4 top defenders. Callahan was nursing injuries. Gaborik was too.

All the same excuses... and what did we show for it!?
A trip to the Eastern Conference Championship.

So right now, we all get the complications of the Rangers season currently. But no excuses when players are thinking more about what they will do when the puck comes to them, before the puck is even cleared. Or more focus on attacking then our own crease. Too many easy goals we let up. HECK too many goals we let up period. and its not henrik Lundqvist. I do blame him and the players somewhat, but these are the same players who played great for Torts and other systems. What happens now? No defensive responsibility is being asked of them..

why was Torts fired? Sather didnt get along with his style. Upper mgmt thought we were boring. Dolan didnt like Torts comments toward him after the Winter Classic and his bad publicity. He lost to the Bruins in the 2nd round and he was canned with the cherry on top of Brad Richards saying that Torts style is too demanding on us...

Whats too demanding on us is hoping our guys can sprint back and forth between rushes and forechecks for 82 games in a year and playoff hopefulls. All in the while, we cant clear the zone and we give away the puck too much.

Maybe AV can turn it around... but if it continues like this for the next 10 games. I want change. We dont even have any personality anymore.

Messier may not be the diety, young fans remember him as as a player, but hes right.
Hes got many years of experience in the game at a high level and winning 5 cups.
Hes done some wrong, but his presence could change players desires just like it did when he played.
Messier coached Candian prospects. So hes not a virgin.

All im sayin is i give it 10 games and im already on my last straw with the style we play.

We give up another back door goal next game and I will flip out

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